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Frequently Asked Questions
How do I get started?

First, type the /help command to see what the commands do. You start with 3 lives. Once the battle has started, choose your class if you haven't already. Kill other players to gain extra lives - last man standing wins!

What do the different classes do?

All the information on classes it as

How do I get more classes?

Again, go to mcffa.net/classes
. Donator classes cost $4 USD each, and you keep them forever.

What are the rules of the server?

No mods, no spamming.

How do I find other players in the arena?

Your compass points toward the nearest player.

Why does my hunger bar never change?

Hunger does not play a role in mcFFA. To regain health, right click with a food item in your hand.

I'm stuck on the same class! How do I change it?

Use /class to get to the class changing menu, and use one of the class commands (e.g. /warrior).

I died. Now what?

After you've lost all your lives, use the /spectate command to fly around the arena and observe the rest of the match. Left/right click to teleport to the nearest player.