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New Leaderboards

uyuyuy99 a
uyuyuy99 @ mcFFA
posted Feb 22, 15  -  leaderboardsyay

Leaderboards have been re-done! Instead of the ugly item menu thing, it's now just a simple hallway with signs in the lobby. Leaderboards automatically update every 2 hours.

I'll be adding more leaderboard categories later, and then work on achievements.

Coalham there should be a most death leaderboards?? becuz it is a cool leaderborad??
EZQ it stinks
wassupbro make a hunter announcment?

NEW KIT - Ranger

uyuyuy99 a
uyuyuy99 @ mcFFA
posted Nov 28, 14  -  classkitnewranger
A new default (free) kit has been added to mcFFA - ranger! It has medium armor, a punch bow, a decent sword, and a small amount of food. Its special ability is full hunger, meaning it slowly regenerates health.

Dinglydell o Sword does 2.5-3 hearts of damage...I wouldn't exactly call that decent
Dinglydell o I got hungry IRL as ranger an now I can't chomp apples help

Updates to New Plugin

uyuyuy99 a
uyuyuy99 @ mcFFA
posted Jun 14, 14  -  newpluginupdate
UPDATE (JUNE 14, 2014):

Lots of changes have been made to the new plugin today:

  • Arrows can't be blocked by spectators anymore.
  • You can no longer see assassins as a bunch of floating arrows.
  • You can no longer see spectators as floating arrows (or burning).
  • Spectators can't interact with shit anymore (e.g. doors/pressure plates).
  • Winners spawn in the winner box.
  • /butcher works now.
  • The "kills" scoreboard no longer disappears with more than 15 people.
  • Pyros & assassins can't pick up arrows anymore.
  • Added back the "you got a headshot" message.
  • People can't open dispensers.
  • Snipers can get away with camping a bit more than other kits.
  • Use /random to choose a random kit.
  • You only explode on death when you ARE a bomber, not when you're GOING to be a bomber.
  • You won't get killed for camping if you're killing people.
  • Pyros lost a few arrows, and the lava they placed starts draining when they die.
  • The "ding" sound when guards block arrows is MUCH quieter, and there's a particle effect for it now.
  • Control items (items you have in the lobby) have 2-second cooldown after you teleport somewhere.
  • Fixed the "match is starting in 0 seconds" glitch.
  • You can break the following blocks in-game: glass panes, torches, bushes/tall grass, cobwebs, snow, flowers, shrooms, and vines.
bobbillfredjoe33 "You can break the following blocks in-game: glass panes, torches, bushes/tall grass, cobwebs, snow, flowers, shroo ...
ice2water NOOOO! I loved that glitch!!

Many Small Changes/Fixes

uyuyuy99 a
uyuyuy99 @ mcFFA
posted Apr 1, 14  -  andchangessmallstuff
Just so y'all know, I made some small changes/fixes to the plugin today (April 1, 2014):

  • Snipers no longer have Power 1 on their bows
  • You can move items around in your inventory again
  • Players now automatically respawn again (without having to press "respawn")
  • You don't have to scroll up to see the "you were headshotted" message anymore
  • Warriors now get health and speed effects correctly
  • Assassins now get reminded when their invisibility wears off
  • Necromancers' rotten flesh now heals 1.5 hearts instead of 1
  • Paintings in the lobby no longer get destroyed by arrows/creepers
  • Pyro's lava should disappear now (turns out the lava didn't disappear whenever I used pyro... sorry :p)
ice2water Snipers no longer have Power 1 on their bows? Don't you mean punch??
wassupbro I am a beautiful person. I have a class of the Office of the New York City, and I am a beautiful person. I have a class ...
Dinglydell o The date makes me suspicious, but it looks too legit...

NEW CLASS - Magician!

uyuyuy99 a
uyuyuy99 @ mcFFA
posted Aug 19, 13  -  classholy crap yaymagiciannew
A new class is out, called Magician!
Tired of monsters chasing you?
Hit them with your wand to make
them disappear. Tired of
campers and spammy snipers?
Use your Eyes of Ender to
teleport to nearby players.
Best of all, you can throw
eggs at players to blind them.

Get the class HERE. It only
costs $2.50 this week (until
August 27) and you keep it
forever, so get it while it's cheap!